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3 Top Types of Marijuana Concentrates - Naturaleaf

3 Top Types of Marijuana Concentrates

Various types of marijuana concentrates have been gaining in popularity for some time now, and they offer customers the opportunity to enjoy medical marijuana without the need to smoke copious amounts of it. The reason is simple: Concentrated marijuana enables all of the goodness to be delivered much faster than traditional flower and provides the desired relief from numerous common ailments without the plant matter. If you're interested in trying marijuana concentrates and are looking for a little more information about the different types, NaturaLeaf is here to provide helpful information so you can choose the right fit for you.


Cartridges offer a clean, easy way to enjoy marijuana, achieve the desired effects, and access the seemingly endless benefits of the cannabis plant. They have become popular due to their ease of use and discreet form, and there's zero mess to contend with. These cartridges are filled with cannabis oil, the vapor of which can be inhaled by using a vape pen (similar to an electronic cigarette but with pure cannabis oil and zero nicotine).

Of all the types of marijuana concentrates, this one has become a bit hit among countless customers and enthusiasts alike. You can purchase prefilled medical marijuana cartridges or reusable products that you can load with cannabis oil as you go. Prefilled cartridge types include distilled, CO2, live resin, and full-spectrum, and there are a few differences in terms of aroma, flavor, and potency between them.

Overall, cartridges are a safe, easy way to enjoy medical marijuana whether at home or on the go, and can be adjusted so that you don't get too big of a puff with each draw. There is no odor and no smoke, making medical marijuana cartridges one of the most convenient ways to use cannabis.


Wax concentrates get their name from their consistency, which is far less oily guessed it...wax-like. Wax typically contains high levels of THC and will keep you high for a lengthy period of time. Most wax concentrates appear yellow in color and are very sticky, so it's common to use a dabbing tool instead of your hands to prevent making a mess and losing product. Wax products are smoked using either a vaporizer or dab rig and can produce desirable effects quite quickly, making them a favorite among many customers.


One of the purest types of marijuana concentrates, shatter is a glass-like substance that is intentionally shattered into small pieces during production. Most shatter is amber in color and has a very thin consistency. If you come across darker colored shatter, run away! Dark shatter is usually an indicator of poor quality (something you'll never find at Naturaleaf) and won't be worth the cost. To make shatter, cannabis is put through a butane extractor and then filtered to remove impurities. It's important to purchase shatter from a reputable brand to ensure that any leftover butane has been eliminated from the final product.

Why Choose Naturaleaf for Cannabis Cartridges & Other Concentrates?

At Naturaleaf we specialize in high-quality medicine and believe that patient care comes first. That's why all of our medical marijuana products have been carefully selected and we have patient specialists in-house to answer questions about how to use medical marijuana cartridges and other types of marijuana concentrates to get the biggest benefit. We are a licensed medical marijuana business right here in Colorado Springs and we'll stop at nothing to ensure you have a positive experience. Visit our dispensary today to find the right products for your health.