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Hybrid Marijuana Strains

Hybrid medical marijuana plant
What Is a Hybrid Strain?

Cannabis is divided into two species – Indica and Sativa. Hybrid marijuana strains are a cross between these Indica and Sativa strains and their genetics. This means that a hybrid strain can inherit and replicate the features of both species – its parents.

What Makes Hybrid Marijuana Unique?

Hybrid strains have the potential to become more and more unique as crossbreeding continues further down the line. Many hybrids will be bred with other hybrids, making each plant and its effects individual in their own way. Generally, hybrids will be broken into two categories, based on which strains are most prominent: Sativa-dominant, Indica-dominant. A hybrid can also be considered a true hybrid when an equal amount of Sativa and Indica is present.

How Are Hybrids Made?

Hybrid strains are created by breeding Indica and Sativa plants together. Hybridization was discovered in the search for ways of improving the quality of cannabis plants. This process of combining crops with different strains from all over the world enables farmers to increase the value of their products.

Why Would You Choose A Hybrid?

When certain hybrid medical marijuana strains are produced, they take on the features and effects of their parent strains. Combining strains with specific effects to create a new hybrid strain allows farmers to narrow down on strains that help individuals with very niche issues and needs. For example, the popular hybrid “Blue Dream” works great for daytime anxiety control, and the Sativa-dominant hybrid “Super Lemon Haze” has been effective in relieving depression and promoting an uplifted mood. For people struggling with multiple issues, and in need of cannabis with unique effects, hybrid strains can be extremely beneficial.

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