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How to Use Medical Marijuana

Since the legalization of marijuana in many states for both recreational and medicinal use, countless products have been introduced to the market to help you enjoy it and gain the most benefit from this seemingly magical plant. With so many options, determining the best way to use medical marijuana can be a little overwhelming. Apart from choosing from among the various strains to find the one that best suits your needs, there are three main ways that medical marijuana can be used.

Different Ways to Use Cannabis Products


Smoking marijuana is the most common way to enjoy its benefits due to its simplicity and speed. When you inhale marijuana smoke or vape it using a vaporizer, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are absorbed through your lungs and into your bloodstream directly without any need to break them down. As a result, the effects and benefits can be achieved almost immediately.

Oral Consumption

If smoking isn't your thing, you can always try using edible marijuana products instead. Edibles, capsules, oils, and tinctures can all be administered orally to either enhance the flavor experience or mask it altogether. When you ingest marijuana, it must pass through your digestive system before it enters your bloodstream, which means that edibles often take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to kick in fully.

Topical Application

Creams and lotions can also be used to target specific areas of your body that require relief. Topical marijuana products can be applied and rubbed in for more localized pain or stiffness and won't typically get you high. You can begin to feel the effects of topical marijuana products quickly, often within minutes.

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