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8 Common Illnesses Colorado Patients Use Medical Marijuana For

Marijuana is becoming more widely recognized for its contribution to medical science. It commonly contains CBD and THC, which are two of the main active components in cannabis and they are mostly distributed in certified medical dispensaries. Presently, medical marijuana is among the prescribed medications in helping reduce symptoms in common illnesses that many people suffer in their everyday lives.

What are some of the common illnesses that patients use medical marijuana for in Colorado?

Many people suffer from different illnesses. Some of these conditions may have started since birth while others may have been acquired over time. Multiple medications have been developed over the years to help in treating such illnesses. In this decade, medical marijuana is one of the continuously developed medications tested for treatment.

Using prescribed cannabis in helping with illnesses is now common among patients who mostly suffer from chronic diseases.

CBD is often used as a prescribed medication for patients suffering from common or chronic illnesses. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Epilepsy and Seizures

Characterized by seizures that range from mild to severe, epilepsy is a neurological condition. Those people who suffer from it spend most of their day (also almost everyday) dealing with the threat of seizure or actually experiencing it. Using approved medications like Epidiolex or CBD is one way to reduce the feeling of exhaustion as well as to improve life quality of patients suffering from this illness. These medications can help in controlling the nature of seizures and ensure a reduced risk for patients to experience the typical intensity and number of seizures they have in a day.

Anxiety and Depression

Medical marijuana can offer beneficial effects in subsidizing the symptoms of depression as well as anxiety. It helps patients relax and manage the symptoms by regulating serotonin levels.


About 30 percent of deaths are due to cancer. Despite the fact that there isn’t any cure for cancer yet, it can help in reducing the gravity of the symptoms. THC and CBD, as studies show, can help in improving appetite and prevent weight loss and eating disorders that most cancer patients also suffer from. It is also an effective element in fighting nausea, which is commonly a side effect of cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

Chronic Pain and Muscle Spasms

Common chronic ailments such as arthritis cause pain and muscle spasms. With the use of medical marijuana, chronic pains can be controlled. You can apply CBD on the swollen joints as it is also a good pain absorbent. CBD oil also helps you sleep when you suffer muscle spasms and manages symptoms to help you relax.

Spinal Cord Diseases

Spinal cord ailments include scoliosis, stenosis, and syringomyelia, among others. Patients who suffer from such illnesses often find a therapeutic experience in using prescribed cannabis-based medicines. Cannabis is typically known to have the ability to ease spasticity, offering patients the feeling of being relaxed and pain-free.

Eating Disorders

Cannabis helps in improving appetite and in regulating the symptoms of eating disorders. People who suffer from such illnesses are often prescribed with medical marijuana for regular use as it also serves as a good supplement for them. CBD also helps and treats those who suffer from digestive issues.

Sleeping Disorders

According to studies, medicines that are CBD- and THC-based offer proven and effective therapeutic benefits to those who suffer from sleeping disorders such as insomnia. It helps patients to sleep and have a regular and relaxed sleeping cycle.


Over the last few decades, the treatment for HIV/AIDS has improved. Although there are now modern treatments that can help patients have long and healthy lives, there is still no denying the fact that they can suffer from the side effects of the treatment. Similar to cancer, it has been shown in studies that cannabis-based medications can help in regulating the symptoms of HIV/AIDS like nausea, eating disorders, and more.

Where Medical Marijuana May Not Be a Good Fit

Despite being used for medical purposes, medical marijuana may not be suitable for everyone. The following are some of the identified instances where medical marijuana may not be a good fit for a patient:

  • Cardiovascular issues such as blood pressure indications or heart rate problems
  • Allergic reactions from marijuana
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding issues, although there are still those who would testify that using medical marijuana can help in dealing with morning sickness. But there are also potential risks in the neurological development of the baby in the womb.

Although the harmful effects of medical marijuana are not yet considered to be high, it can still cause serious risks to some, especially those who have heart problems. It would always be ideal that if you experience any irregularities and discomfort after using your cannabis-based medication, you should go see your physician.

Where to Go for Medical Marijuana in Colorado Springs?

Making sure that you get high-quality marijuana is essential for your medication. Make your purchases from reliable and certified medical dispensaries. (Image Source: Pixabay)

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