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Medical Marijuana Concentrates

What are Medical Marijuana Concentrates?

You may have guessed from the name that medical marijuana concentrates are simply put, concentrated forms of marijuana – and you’d be right. Having a concentrated form of marijuana means that the cannabis plant material has gone through an extraction process leaving you with a concentrate of cannabinoids and terpenes that is free of excess plant matter. There are various types of concentrates, just like there are various types and strains of marijuana.


Shatter gets its name from its glass-like appearance and the fact that it tends to shatter into little pieces when it’s broken apart. Often clear or amber in color, is one of the purest forms of concentrated marijuana.


Wax concentrates are generally yellowish in appearance, have a candle-like consistency, and are often smoked out of a rig or a vaporizer. Some waxes need to be handled with a dabbing tool as they are extremely sticky.


High-grade rosin is made by applying heat and pressure to marijuana buds in a hydraulic press. The result is an oil-like concentrate that is a favorite choice among terpene-loving users.


Oil concentrates are extracted from the plant by means of CO2. Because this process doesn’t require high heat, more of the natural terpenes are saved, creating a unique taste that differs from other concentrates.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is extracted using a process that separates trichomes from the plant by using ice water, agitation, and a sieve. This concentrate bubbles when exposed to flame – hence the name.

NaturaLeaf is Here to Help

We’ve covered just a few of the most common types of concentrates, but there are several more. Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs to learn more about medical marijuana concentrates. We’d be happy to walk you through them all and determine which one is best for you!