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NaturaLeaf North - Medical
Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado Springs

Medical marijuana is allowed by 33 states and is gaining acceptance as a form of medicine for consumers who suffer from chronic pain, some types of cancers, anxiety, and other serious medical conditions.

While recreational marijuana is legal elsewhere in Colorado, it’s not yet legal in Colorado Springs. Colorado medical marijuana laws still apply in Colorado Springs, though, so you can still get medical cannabis if you have a doctor’s recommendation and a state medical marijuana access card. NaturaLeaf is here to help with our North Colorado Springs medical marijuana dispensary location if you have the proper credentials.

Finding the right medicine can be difficult, with so many strains like Strawberry Shark, Monster OG, Tropicana Cookies, OG Kush, and other sativa and indica strains of cannabis available. But at our Colorado Springs medical dispensary, we can guide you and help you choose the right cannabis product for your medical condition and desired results.

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Why Choose NaturaLeaf As Your Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

We’re a leading medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs for several reasons. Customers in the area choose us due to our commitment to customer service, convenience, and quality.

  • Customer service – The world ofmedical cannabiscan be complex and confusing. Our experienced representatives help guide you and provide you with the information you need to select the right medicine at our dispensary.
  • Convenience – With our North location as well as our Central and South locations, it’s easy for you tovisit one of our Colorado Springs medical dispensariesto get the products you need.
  • Quality – We are dedicated to quality when it comes to medical cannabis in Colorado Springs. We painstakingly and lovingly grow all of our own cannabis flower from which most of our products are made. You’ll understand this as soon as you see our products, which are grown and processed naturally for the best results.

Wondering how to recognize great medical cannabis? High-quality medical marijuana has a pungent, yet fresh smell, as well as a bright color. The color is typically green, but may have streaks of purple, orange, or yellow, depending on the strain. You should also look for marijuana that is sold in full flower buds rather than smaller broken-up pieces or “shake”.

Shop in Person or Order Online from Any of Our Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Colorado Springs

If you’re ready to shop for high-quality medical marijuana, justplace your order medical marijuana order onlineand pick up your order in-store, or feel free to visit our North location to browse our products and ask questions in person. You’ll find us at 5875 Lehman Dr, Ste 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80918.